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Incidental and Ancillary Employment Costs - apply for reimbursement

The Members’ Expenses Scheme allows for an MSP to apply to the SPCB for reimbursement of:

(a)  The fees incurred relating to the attendance of a member of staff, volunteer or intern who attends a seminar or conference within the UK which supports the Member in the performance of their parliamentary duties;

(b)  the fees or other charges incurred in providing appropriate training for a member of staff; and

(c)  the cost of travel and overnight accommodation associated with (a) or (b) above.

The application form can be downloaded below and the employing MSP should return it to If a staff member is submitting a form on behalf of their employing MSP, you should ensure proof of their authorisation is included, e.g. an email chain with their authorisation.

 MSP Application for Training Support for Staff   fa-file-word-o