External contacts and resources


SPICe, the Scottish Parliament Information Centre, provides bespoke research and information services to the Parliament. They work for MSPs and their staff whether located at Holyrood or in local offices, and with the Parliament's committees.

They have around 40 staff, including research subject experts and information specialists.  In summary, they offer:

  • Facts, analysis, briefings
  • Research
  • News and current affairs
  • Impartial expertise

SPICe has produced a Service Guide which details the services and resources available within SPICe: http://www.parliament.scot/75901.aspx

They can be contacted via the following methods:

  • Telephone on 0131 3485300
  • Visit them at the SPICe Enquiry Desk in the Garden Lobby or in the Information Centre, CG.01
  • By email to spice@parliament.scot

Tickets for Parliament Debates

Visitors can attend Parliament debates by taking a seat in the public gallery of the Debating Chamber. Visitors require a ticket for a seat and these are free of charge. Public tickets and tickets for Members' guests can be booked through Visitor Services and on-line. Details are available here.

MSP Hotlines (you will require a Scottish Parliament IT account to access this)

MSP Hotlines is a well-researched and reliable list of direct contact details of UK and Scottish government agencies, utility companies, watchdogs, financial institutions and ombudsmen, which is maintained by SPICe.

It is only made available to Members and their staff as in many cases it provides details of parliamentary liaison officers and named contacts not normally made public. As a result please do not pass these contact details on to constituents. They are for Members and their staff use only.


SPICe Research Briefings

SPICe Research Briefings provide expert analysis on a range of subjects of interest to the Parliament. They provide accurate, in-depth and impartial analysis on issues of current interest to the Parliament or its committees including all major pieces of legislation. You can create a personal alert so that you are informed when a briefing for a particular subject area or topic becomes available.


SPICe Petitions Briefings

SPICe Petitions Briefings provide a brief background to the subject matter of a petition and give an overview of the main issues with which the petition is concerned. You can create a personal alert so that you are informed when a briefing for a particular subject area or topic becomes available.


SPICe Material for Debates Service

Material for Debates is produced weekly by SPICe and identifies a range of resources to provide background information on the subject of forthcoming Chamber debates. SPICe can send you email alerts to notify you when an MfD becomes available.


SPICe Fact Sheets

SPICe Fact sheets provide factual information about MSPs and Parliamentary Business.